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BAQSIMI: Simple to administer

Caregivers should refer to all steps of the Patient Medication Information


  • Do not remove the shrink wrap or open the tube until ready to use
  • Do not press the plunger before insertion into the nose. Otherwise, the single dose in the device will be lost.

Preparing the Dose:

  • Remove the shrink wrap by pulling on the red stripe
  • Open the Lid and remove the Device from the Tube
  • Do not test before use.

Caution: Do not press the Plunger until ready to give the dose

Keep tube sealed until ready to use.


Giving the Dose:


Hold the device between fingers and thumb

Do not press plunger before insertion into the nose. Otherwise, the single dose in the device will be lost.



Insert the tip gently in a nostril until the finger touches the outside of the nose.



Push the plunger all the way in

The dose is complete when the green line is no longer showing.

Keep BAQSIMI in the shrink-wrapped tube until ready to use. If the tube has been opened, BAQSIMI may have been exposed to moisture. This could cause it to not work as expected.


After Giving the Dose:

Remove the tip from the nose and throw away the used device and tube.

Call for medical help right away.

If the person with low blood sugar is unconscious, turn the person on their side.

Medical help should be called immediately in the event of a serious allergic reaction to BAQSIMI, such as:

  • Rash
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Swollen face, lip, tongue, or throat

Patients usually respond within 15 minutes. Encourage the person to eat as soon as they can safely swallow. Give the person a fast-acting source of sugar, like juice or regular soda. Then give the person a long-acting source of sugar, like crackers and cheese or a sandwich with meat.

Caution: The used BAQSIMI should be replaced right away so that a new BAQSIMI will be available in case it is needed.



Successful administration (% of participants who were able to deliver a full dose)


Trained caregivers (n=16) 94% 13%
Untrained individuals (n=15) 93% 0%
Mean time to administration by caregivers (minutes) 0.27 1.89


* A study of administration rates, time to administration, and experience of administering BAQSIMI vs. injectable glucagon to a mannequin, by trained and untrained users, during a simulated severe hypoglycemia event. Trained caregivers received BAQSIMI and injectable glucagon administration instructions from the person with diabetes for whom they were caregivers. Untrained users were not associated with a person with diabetes, had no prior experience with glucagon, and were shown what each glucagon treatment looked like immediately before simulation.


Click here to download the full study publication



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