Insulin Journey Awards logo

Lilly Canada created the Insulin Journey Awards to recognize patients who have been using insulin as part of their treatment strategy for 25 or 50 years. We recognize that everyone taking insulin is on a unique and challenging lifelong journey. The Lilly Insulin Journey awards are meant to honour those who have long been managing their condition but also to inspire others to believe they can do it too.

Candidates must have been taking any brand of insulin continuously for 25 or 50 years to qualify. Each recipient receives an elegant award, beautifully engraved with their name, along with a signed letter from Lilly Canada, encouraging their continued success.

Applying for a Lilly Insulin Journey Award

Healthcare professionals can submit an application for their patient by calling the customer response centre at 1-888-545-5972. Once your patient’s application is received, the award will be sent out within 3–4 weeks. For information on the Lilly Insulin Journey Award program or to contact Lilly with general questions, please click here.

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